BAIERSDORF, SAMSON SOLOMON (d. 1712), son of Judah Selke, court agent of the margrave of Brandenburg-Bayreuth. Baiersdorf entered the margrave's service in 1670. He influenced him to issue a decree in 1695 granting the Jews in the margravate freedom of trade. In 1698 he bought real estate from the margrave. Although later involved in a court intrigue, Baiersdorf managed to retain his position. He donated the money for the synagogue of bayreuth , consecrated in 1711. Baiersdorf 's daughter married Moses, the son of glueckel of hameln , who became rabbi of baiersdorf in 1700. His sons, Veit and Solomon, known by the family name of Samson, and his son-in-law and brother also became court agents; the latter was permitted to retain an armed guard. -BIBLIOGRAPHY: H. Schnee, Die Hoffinanz und der moderne Staat, 3 (1955), 222–3; 4 (1963), 33; S. Stern, The Court Jew (1950), 100, 198, 251; Glueckel von Hameln, Memoirs (1932), 204–8, 220f., 232–5.

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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